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Warranty Information

All our wheels are VIA and JWL tested and certified.

We offers an extended warranty against any defect in the finish of the wheels that can be attributed to a manufacturing fault.

This extended warranty will cover a period up to a maximum of 1 year from the original purchase date of the wheels, providing the following conditions have been met.

  1. You are the original purchaser and current owner of the wheels. The warranty is not transferable in any way.
  2. The wheels were purchased brand new from an Veemann Authorised Reseller – to check if the seller is an Veemann Authorised Reseller please email
  3. You have proof of purchase in the form of an official receipt from the seller showing the date of purchase, the name, the size and the finish of the wheels along with the purchase price.
  4. The wheels have only been used under normal and reasonable conditions.

This warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of the wheels at the sole discretion of Veemann should the claim be upheld. This warranty does not cover any of the following costs that may be incurred during the process of returning wheels under warranty.

  1. Installation or removal costs.
  2. All transportation costs involved in any warranty claim (with the exception that if a claim is upheld, the cost of return shipping to the original dealer from Veemann will be covered by Veemann).
  3. Loss of use or inconvenience.
  4. Any other costs incurred by the claimant during the process of making a claim.


If any wheel has suffered kerb damage this will void any warranty on the wheel.

All warranty claims must be made through the original supplier of the wheels. Please contact them directly to make a claim. In order for us to process any claim we will need the wheels to be returned to Veemann at the cost of the claimant so that the problem can be investigated and assessed.


If the warranty claim is upheld, Veemann will return the wheels to the dealer free of charge. If the claim is not upheld the claimant will be responsible for all costs incurred by Veemann in returning the wheels to the dealer.

Veemann will not process any warranty claims that have not been made through an Veemann Authorised Reseller.

The following list provides typical examples that are not covered by the warranty. This list is provided as general information and is not to be regarded as a complete list of exclusions.

  1. Wheels not purchased from an Veemann Authorised Reseller.
  2. Damage occurring during installation or removal of the wheels.
  3. Damage caused by the usage of run flat tyres.
  4. Damage or defect caused by off-road or competitive use whether amateur or professional.
  5. Damage or defect caused by any use that could be considered not to be normal road use.
  6. Damage or defect (stone chips etc) caused by road surface defects such as pot holes, loose stones etc.
  7. Damage caused by wheel kerbing etc.
  8. Wheels that have been altered repaired or modified in any way.
  9. Wheels installed using 3rd party spacers or adapters (i.e. not supplied by Veemann).
  10. Wheels that have been fitted with tyres of sizes that have not been recommended for the vehicle or not suitable for use in the conditions in which they are being used.
  11. Wheels that have been subjected to forces that exceed the limits they were designed to be used under.
  12. Wheel corrosion or damage caused by chemicals, caustic cleaning agents or climatic conditions.
  13. Any defect or damage caused by misuse, abuse, neglect or accident.

If you require further clarification or assistance regarding our warranty please email

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